How did the chicken cross the road? Safely

Evidently now with hi-viz vests.   Pretty funny.   

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Ted Cruz separated at birth

Ted Cruz and Droopy Dog were separated at birth.



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Bullied with nuts?

I can understand this to some extent, but come on.  Are our kids really this wimpy and sheltered?  Are the adults not in charge anymore?

In Bullies’ Hands, Nuts or Milk May Be a Weapon –

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A Brief History Of Architectural Blunders

A good infographic on architectural failures.   My favorite is still Tacoma Narrows.    Wind is still overlooked to a projects peril….  How many ways we can fail….

A Brief History Of Architectural Blunders [Infographic] | Popular Science.



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Data-Driven Tech Industry Is Shaken by Online Privacy Fears

Great quote in this article. ‘Aaron Levie, the founder of, a popular file-sharing system, initially joked on Twitter that Prism was simply putting people’s Gmail, Google, Facebook and Skype data all in one place. “The N.S.A. just beat out like 30 start-ups to this idea,” he wrote.’

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Did Stuxnet help improve Iranian cyberwar capabilities?

This article fom the NYT talks about Iran’s vast improvement in cyberwarfare capabilites. How much of that is atributable to Iran being under threat and attack from the US and Israel the past decade?

I wonder if this is just like pennicillin resistant diseases?

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Forget What Government Should Do—What Can It Do? : Eric Schnurer

A thought provoking article about the nature of government. it calls for a reassessment of what government should do based on need and competency.

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